What is an escape room? 

An escape room is a fun and challenging event to play with family, friends or colleagues while you are locked in a themed adventure room filled with puzzles and clues. You must try to solve all puzzles and figure out how to escape before time runs out. 

See the video for some basic information about how to play an escape room.

Who can play?
Beat the record!
Meer weergeven
Can you escape the CSI escape room in 60 minutes? 

What is our CSI Escape Room about?

In our CSI Escape Room you and your team members will be CSI officers for an hour.  Together you need to search and combine all the hints, clues and puzzles to solve this mysterious case:

John, a simple farmer who lives alone, has disappeared and his old mother reported him missing. You and your CSI-team are called in to investigate this. Time is essential to find him. What happened to him? Did he just leave or did something happened to him? Can you find out? The clock is ticking ... and you only have one hour... 

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Time slots (reservations only and only via website)


Because we need to reset the room after each game, we work with the following time slots:

10:00am     11:30am     1:00pm

  2:30pm      4:00pm      5:30pm

  7:00pm      8:30pm    10:00pm


In our escape room you play only with your team. We don´t mix groups.


Please be 10 minutes earlier for your CSI briefing!

Prize: $ 32 per person 

per person

$ 32

Is your team larger than 8, are you looking for a team building event for larger groups or

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Please notice there is a difference between an escape room and an escape game. Click here for more information.

We have a new Virtual Reality escape game, based on the Netflix series La Casa de Papel / Money Heist. 

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