Make your tour more fun!

Would you like to make a tour on Aruba and make it extra fun with some puzzles, information, points of interest and some games on the way? This is possible! The only thing you need is your phone. Internet on the way is not needed. Buy a QR code from us for only $25 per partipipating phone, scan the code (only for this you need internet) and you are set to go. 


While you explore Aruba, your information and assignments automatically appear when you arrive at the points of interest. You can play this and explore in your own pace! Even in multiple days.


Your tour will be interactive and especially fun to play while you're exploring Aruba! And when you are with a group and multiple phones participates, you can even make it a competition. With the answers you enter, you can earn points and a total score will be given at the end of your tour. The 10 best scores per month will also be announced on this website!

Moove is available for phones with Android (2015 or newer) or IPhone (5 or newer). Only for downloading the QR code and scanning the code you need an internet connection. On your way exploring you don't need internet!