Rules of the Escape Room
I acknowledge that all interpretations of the “House Rules” as attached shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of Escape Room Aruba.
I agree that all secrets and other important details of the Escape Room Aruba are Trade Secrets that are protected by Intellectual Property Law and I accept that Escape Room Aruba will not give a walk through at the end of the game. I also agree to keep all the obtained information confidential, and I refrain from disclosing or publishing any information fully to any third party. I understand that Escape Room Aruba wants its players tell their friends about the game played, but I agree not to spoil other peoples’ games or Escape Room Aruba’ business by telling the Trade Secrets.
I accept not to take pictures, film or record any part of the games or on the Escape Room Aruba facilities.  Image recording devices are, in particular, cameras, camcorders, camera phones, laptops and other devices with an integrated camera. I understand that any use, copy distribution, public display or creation of any imitative work from Escape Room Aruba is prohibited. I accept that Escape Room Aruba has all rights to take legal action against any infringement. 
I understand that Escape Room Aruba is not recommended to those with any heart conditions,  hypertension, claustrophobia or similar conditions. I also understand that I have to act in accordance with the “House Rules” as attached for my own safety. I accept that Escape Room Aruba  shall not kept liable for any kind of injury, damage, loss or inconvenience suffered during or after the game based on the game.
I agree to handle the facilities in Escape Room Aruba with good care. I accept that Escape Room Aruba has the right to seek full compensation in case of any attempt to cause damage or damage caused to the tools, equipment and layout. I also understand that Escape Room Aruba has the right to terminate the game at any time, if anyone of the players violates the “House Rules” or refuses to follow the instructions of Escape Room Aruba employees. If Escape Room Aruba terminates the game, there is no refund of fees.
I understand that entering Escape Room Aruba facilities under the influence of alcohol or any classified substance is prohibited. Furthermore, it is prohibited to bring in, be in possession of, or consume alcoholic beverages or any narcotic or psychotropic substances in Escape Room Aruba facilities.
I accept and understand, that if my group is unable to come, I have to cancel my appointment at the latest 24 hours before my game, otherwise, I have to pay $30 cancellation fee and there will be no refund of fees, full or partial, allowed.
I understand that due the nature of the game, children under the age of 10 are not allowed to take part in the games offered by Escape Room Aruba. However, players over the age of 10 years but under the age of 16 are able to participate, if accompanied by at least one adult player.

I understand that I play only with my team. Escape Room Aruba will not mix my team with another group during the time slot I booked.