VR Escape Game based on the Netflix series La Casa de Papel / Money Heist

NEW: VR Escape Game: La Casa de Papel /  Money Heist

Our newest escape game is based on the popular Netflix series La Casa de Papel / Money Heist. Like in the series you and your team have to rob the Royal Spanish Mint and disappear with the money. Only in this game you have to succeed within the hour. With good communication and working well together, you can  unravel the most challenging puzzles, steal the money and escape. One of your tools will be a virtual reality headset with which you can be in the classroom of the Professor (the brilliant brain who thought of every detail, so pay attention there!) and in the bank itself. When you combine the virtual reality world with the puzzles and hint from the real world, you and  your team, you can find the answers and escape! 


What do I need to know?

Do you I need to have seen the series?: No, the game can be played without the information of the series.

With how many people can we play?: The game can be played by 4 to 6 people per game. Are there more participants in your team? No problem, we have multiple sets and this game can be played by max. 24 at the same time. So it is possible to make a competition and try to escape the bank first with your team. Please contact us first if you have more than 1 team.

Is there a difference between an escape room and an escape game? Yes, in an escape room you are locked in a room (usually a room with a theme) and you have to find all the puzzles and clues in the room itself. The room is then a part of the theme. In an escape game the room isn't always a part of the game. It is possible you have to look for hidden puzzles or clues but an escape game can be played in any room where there are some tables and chairs, like a restaurant, hotel room, board room, canteen etc. When you want to play this game with multiple teams (more than 6 participants in total), we suggest you will also provide a location. Are there 4-6 participants, than this game can be played in the lobby of Escape Room Aruba. 

How long does the game take?: The game itself takes 1 hour, but, with the briefing and explanation before the game, you will probably be busy  for about 75 minutes in total. So be in time!

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Prize: $ 26,50 per person

per person

$ 26,50